CH. Melana’s Pandemoniumm ROM,OFA


Breeders: Melissa and Jim Campbell



2 x United States Grand Victor , Can.    Gr. Vic. CH. Marquin’s Xtra Xtra, ROM, OFA

AOE U.S.Sel.CH. Weicho’s Flash Dance, TC,CD, ROM, OFA

Sire: AOE U.S.Gr. Vic. CH. Marhaven’s Colorguard, PT, TC, ROM, OFA
Dam: CH. Weicho’s Fire Dance, TC, ROM, OFA
Dam: Marquin’s Windsor Lass Sire: Kridler’s Mac Attack Liberty
Dam: Robar’s Kim Novak

Melana’s Obsession v. Clihu, HIC , ROM,OFA

Sire: Cross Timber’s Clihu Regis, OFA Sire: CH. Leiter’s Excalibur, ROM, OFA
Dam: Cross Timber’s Patty Melt,  OFA
Dam: Ravinhaus Hope v. Clihu Sire: US Sel. CH. Hoheneichen’s Flag, ROM
Dam: Nathanmar’s Elegance v. Clihu




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